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mission statement

MEXLAB, as an ultimate AR-VR-XR service partner, is interested in serving your brilliant ideas that are either still to become reality, or already representing a dominant share of the market. 

We provide the augmented digital content to your ideas, campaigns or missions. We are service providers: although we love to list our latest references on our website, we are happy to work under or as part of your brand.

We work in close connection with creators, designers, film crews and animators: we can deliver motion picture, animation, and / or 3D modeling and sound services if required to the project. 

If we can avoid, we do not use technologies in beta stage: instead we build on solutions already proven to be working and available on the market.

We never use any technology or gadget for its own sake: by only using the tech on the required spots we are able to provide high quality, unique mixed reality user experiences. 


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