Welcome Chief Long Dog

https://youtu.be/1zMVT9QK9wI In cooperation with our strategic partner PictoryTale AS we created this AR companion during lonely COVID days.

Darwin Aviation Sizzle

https://youtu.be/ESN2AIgOwls?si=gCT98N5DxxowVl9D In cooperation with our strategic partner PictoryTale AS it was possible to create the aviation AR memorial tour of the city Darwin.

Budapest ZOO

https://youtu.be/MzLi46ODuCY?si=dlFekQRczA3iMCvy In this project we cooperated with National Geographgic, tekerd! and Budapest Zoo.  The works of art (virtual LEGO mosaics) displayed in the exhibition at the Budapest Zoo have been expanded with educational augmented reality content that can also be enjoyed by children, as well as the virtual display of Vincze Adrienn’s original photos. The […]

Liszt Ferenc Academy

https://youtu.be/gjmDZLXrfLo?si=6NfiEk5Zc82AiA9v In this project we augmented an exhibition at Liszt Academy of Music, Budapest.